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July 22, 2013


Go Susy! Such a well deserved honor, and I loved being made to laugh by her again.

Karen in Ohio

Thanks for sharing this story.

I was lucky to have dinner with Susie and Donnie that night and I came to realize just what a great woman she truly is. I wish that I had the opportunity to have attended a presentation done by her. I know I would have loved it. I met Susie at this year's convention and I love her with all my heart already!! Donnie is a great man and you can see the love they share!!

I wish that I had a chance to know her! She seems like a great person that impacted many lives; We should all aspire to do the same! Praying for her as she deals with this disease! Sheila Thompson

Thank you for posting about Susy. What an amazing woman and example of a great demonstrator to us all. May I always remember how she assists others selflessly and then try to do half of what she has done.

There was not a dry eye in the house when she was presented with this award.

My brother and my aunt courageously battled ALS and I know what Susy is facing. Every year I remember them by participating in the "Walk to Defeat ALS" to raise funds for research. Now I have three people to honor! Fight on, Susy, fight on.

We had a dear friend fight ALS recently and succumbed to it last year. I can't imagine. I cried through this presentation. What courage. I thought it was so cool that her husband was right there getting the award with her. I wish I could have seen some of her demonstrations. She would have been a blast to watch.

Susie taught classes at stamping events at out local coliseum in Greensboro, NC and I tried not to miss any events. She always had new tricks and made it fun. A better candidate could not have been presented this Heart award.
Yea Susie

Will add Susy to my prayers. My husband
has ALS so I have an idea of what she is living with...fight the good fight, Susy, and keep that beautiful smile glowing!

What is a lovely post. I'm sure Susie will have another smile on her face when she reads it.

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