Fall Card Ideas & a Spider Treat
A reason to shop those after Halloween sales...

Pop-Up Card Fun

This card is a how-to for an easy to make pop-up card and also a reminder that Stampin' Up's great sale on selected birthday sets ends today (Oct. 31)! The set used for this card is Crazy for Cupcakes, which includes the cupcake images seen on the front and inside, plus the inside sentiment is from that same set. The greeting on the front is from the word set Hugs & Wishes. The images were colored in with pastels and a blender pen.
Here's the view you get when you open the card and it's a very simple mechanism to make the larger cupcake pop up.

DSC_6261 I use a strip of card stock the same color as the card, in this case Pretty in Pink. My strip is 3 inches long and 3/8 inch wide. You fold it in half -- then fold each short end in to the middle fold. Be sure to leave a little "ease" as I call it and have each end just touching that score line but not covering it up. Based on how large your item to be popped up is, adjust the scale of this strip. Also , the strip's length is going to determine where your popped up image lays when the card is closed. If you position the item inside face down so that the top is close to the bottom of the card, but not sticking out of the bottom , then the distance to the card fold times 4 is the maximum length your strip can be. It does not have to be that long though if you do not want the image to sit out that far from the back of the card when it's opened.

DSC_6259 Here's a view of the end sections of the folded strip glued in place on the inside of the card and then the cut out pop-up image glued to the front of the little paper box that your strip will make. Notice how the ends of the strip go up to the card's fold, but not over it -- again it's that issue of "ease" so your card opens and closes smoothly. You can have more than one pop-up mechanism inside a card and if the strips are varying lengths, the elements will be staggered which can be a cool look. Imagine a horizontal card with several cupcakes popping up and some sticking out a little farther from the back of the card. There are other ways to make a pop-up, but I find this folded strip method to be a very economical way to do it. I love the idea for a Christmas card of having a photo be what pops up when you open the card. You could mat the photo on coordinating card stock for a finished look. This lets any card design become a photo card.

Or how about attaching a small envelope to the pop-up mechanism (SU's 3 inch square mini envelopes are perfect!) -- and then slip in a gift card or some money. You can either leave the envelope flap on or cut it off and dress up the envelope to go with the card's design. Then your card is a greeting and gift all in one! As much as teenagers love getting gift cards, I think this is how I'll at least make them a little more fun to open this Christmas!

Happy creating!